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For Newbies – what is affiliate?

Welcome to all of those who are new to internet business and affiliate programms. So some of you may perhaps ask, what exactly is an affiliate? What does that include and what do I have to do?

An affiliater is a person who recommends peoples to a specific website. Perhaps you may know it from your daily live. If you i.e. recommend a friend to your electricity supplier you will recieve some bonus cash say $20. An affiliater is a person who signs-up to a programm of a website to earn some extra cash or an real income.

There are hundreds or thousands of affiliate programms out there. Reknown companies as booking.com, amazon but also many in certain niches. When you sign up to a programm of a site you will get a personal link and banners to use. Every person who clicks on your link will be automatically connected to your account and if they spend money on that site you will earn a comission. Sounds great!

Sure, but from all those affiliate programms not all do earn good cash. Amazon for example sounds great, but it is quite difficult and doesn’t convert as good as other sites.

DON’T just start to sign up to several programms just thinking you now will make money. Before signing up, search your niche. What kind of product or website do you like to promote? What is something you really can tell the world that this is awesome. Rather start with one and FOCUS on that then going into hundreds of different sites. FOCUS is the one thing you need to reach your goals.

And there are different ways percentages you get.

Pay per lead: For example you will get 1$ for every person that signs to the site and verifies their email. Sounds good, but this is only a short time income. You have to get new leads every singel day to earn.

Pay per advertrisment click: There are mostly adult sites where you have to keep posting own content. Everytime someone comes to your profil and clicks on an add you will i.e. earn 5 cents. I am not a big fan of those sites as it takes ages to reach a payment except you have over 30k followers on your own profile and provide loads of free content.

Pay per revenue share: This is the longterm income! Some sites will pay you up to 25% for every member that you’ve brought to the site and spends money there. And every single day, day spend cash you will earn. There are some rev-share programms that will only pay you during i.e. the first 12 month. The best sites pay you livetime!

That means I have brought a member to the site and he spends $100 I will earn $25. And every morning I wake up and see if he has spent more money I will get my 25%. The more members you get on that site the more you will earn while you sleep lol. But remember you still have to bring new members to the site or one day your incmoe will break off. So you need to keep going.

Pay per sale and upsale: Some sites sell E-books, supplements, travels or other will pay you on every sale and upsale. Those sites also give you a steady income.

So the best longterm earning programms are revenue-share and upsales. They are provide your monthly extra cash or income.

So far about the different affiliate programms. Pleas sign up to my newsletter not to miss out on more information on how to grow a residual income in the internet.

Have a great day

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